High speed imaging

RUAG Space provides also an entire high speed imaging system. It can applied for
- Measurement of trajectories
- Visualization of fast functions tests
- Acquisition of complicated 3D movements

In detail the system consists of
- 4 high speed cameras:
• Single use or in network
• achievable frame rate: 1’000 frames per seconds (fps) until up to 100’000 fps at a reduced resolution
• the full resolution of each camera is 1504 x 1128
- lightning systems
• halogen floodlights
• LED floodlights
• Daylight systems
- Analysis with ProAnalyst
• Easy scene and perspective calibration
• Real-time annotations of distance, angle etc.
• 1-D and 2-D feature tracking
• 3-D motion analyse for characterizing flight dynamics. Calculate e.g. pitch, roll, yaw, orientation, position, velocity and other metrics of ballistics in flight.
• Data, analysis results, notes and videos can export in different data types.

Data acquisition: 4 high speed cameras and analysis software ProAnalyst
Project heritage: This high speed imaging system is used for the test of space equipment as well as of other highly sensitive industrial products and prototypes.
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: high speed imaging, camera, ruag