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Space Applications Services has more than 30 years of experience with both manned and unmanned system and payloads operations, from design and implementation of control rooms, to providing 24/7 support over short or extended duration missions.

The company also develops and offers supporting tools needed for cost effective operations. The company has experience with ISS internal payloads, ISS external payloads and development of operations concept for Lunar payloads, both in support to ESA/USOCs Columbus operations and for commercial payloads/customers. Our team also has experience with the preparation and implementation of planetary analogue campaigns.


Space Applications Services provides highly qualified and experienced personnel to prepare for, plan and execute real-time operations in control centres and facilities. Services can be provided for part of the operational activities or as end-to-end operations service:

Operations Preparation & Validation

  • Operations concept consultancy
  • Definition of operations concept
  • Operations products preparation and validation, including authoring, validation of operations procedures (according to international standards and mission-specific constraints)
  • Preparation and execution of simulation event for validation and training purposes

Operational Tools

  • Development of displays, automated procedures
  • Preparation, validation of on-board scripts
  • Operations planning tool, customisation and interfaces

Operations Execution

  • Operations automation and remote notification
  • Operations execution (up to 24/7)
  • Shift service, on-calls and automation
  • Voice communication
  • Anomalies investigation and resolution
  • Reporting

You can trust us for a complete end-to-end operations service, or our experts can support your team for specific tasks.

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Type: Service
Project heritage: ISS internal and external payloads operations, planetary analogue / simulation campaigns
Keywords: operations, ISS, payloads, Lunar, concept, procedures, planning