BIANCHA (BIstatic ANechoic CHAmber)

BIANCHA is a novel measurement facility conceived for a wide variety of electromagnetic tests and based on a spherical bistatic positioning system. Moreover, thanks to a 4-port vector network analyzer (VNA) and to the use of dual polarised probes, polarimetric tests are also enabled.

Thus, BIANCHA is versatile enough to allow conducting, in the same facility, electromagnetic characterization of materials, radar absorbing materials (RAM) measurements or radiation or scattering tests.

The system consists of a dual-axis azimuth turntable and two elevated scanning arms, which establish a bistatic, spherical field scanner. While one elevated scanning arm is holding the transmitting antenna and travelling on a radius from one horizon to the other, a second elevated scanning arm with the same radius and travel range for the receiving antenna is mounted on the azimuth turntable. In this way, both probes can be situated at any point on the hemisphere and any combination of angles between them and the centre can be established.

With the choice for high-resolution encoders, the system is among the most accurate measurement ranges that cover a full hemispherical pattern in one setup.

Main characteristics:
• Multi-purpose facility
• Versatile: Movements can be programmed to adapt to the test/client needs
• Full bistatic system
• Wide frequency range: 800 MHz – 40 GHz
• Distance probes-centre: 1.7 m
• Full polarimetric capability (co- and cross- polar)
• Positioners:
- High angular accuracy: ± 0.05º
- Maximum rotation speed: 2 rpm
- Angular range: ± 100º elevation positioners
± 200º azimuth positioners

Type: Service
Specimen length [mm]: 1000.0
Specimen width/dia [mm]: 1000.0
Specimen height/thk [mm]: 1000.0
Mass max. [kg]: 50.0
Data acquisition: GPIB, CAN-BUS
Keywords: RCS, Antenna measurement