Ground Station Hosting

Ground station hosting:

Bring your own antenna and deploy it at our premises to acquire Arctic Space's magnificent location, secured connection and cutting edge infrastructure. A direct link to data centers and maintenance of the antenna is provided. Data will either be piped directly to the customer or processed and stored at our green data center.

Arctic Space Data Hub

This service provides dedicated ground stations with direct connection to a CO2 free Tier 5 data center in high latitudes with magnificent pass coverage. The ground stations will be located at the Arctic Data Hubs. The Arctic Data Hub combines ground stations with the data center. This enables a bullet-proof and secure system with ultra-low latency. Due to the direct connection, a "man in the middle" attach is made impossible and data backhauling is reduced to a minimum. The data center runs your mission control or data analysis software directly inside of the cloud, enabling real-time data processing. Furthermore, own hardware and servers can be hosted inside of our data center.

Arctic Space's data center run on green energy which means your mission has no footprint on the environment during operation.

Arctic Space offers either hosting of the customers own antenna. On request Arctic Space can procure a ground station for the customer and implement it on their premises on behalf of the customer. The following configurations are standard, but custom specifications e.g. bigger parabolic reflector are available on demand.


  • Frequency bands: VHF, UHF, S-Band, X-Band, Ka-Band
  • Available Parabolic reflectors: 3.7m, 4.5m
  • Azimuth / Elevation: X-Y-Pedestal
  • Azimuth / Elevation accuracy: 0.05° / 0.05°
  • Rotation speed: Azimuth = 5°/sec, Elevation = 5°/sec
Available standards (e.g. ASTM, MIL): CCSDS, AX.25
Data acquisition: Direct data center connection or secured tunneling to customer
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