Kinetic Impact Pyroshock Simulation (KIPS)

Experior Laboratories’ MIL-STD-790 approved and ISO-17025:2005 accredited laboratory houses multiple state-of-the-art electrodynamic shaker and shock systems that can handle the most demanding test specifications

Mechanical shock testing helps determine whether a device can remain functional when subjected to sudden, abrupt motion changes associated with service environments like product handling, shipping/transportation, rocket stage separation, weapon firing, etc. These shocks can be specified with a classical shock profile, performed on Experior Laboratories’ drop tables or electrodynamic shaker systems, or as pyroshock or SRS shocks, which can be performed on Experior Laboratories kinetic impact test system.

For near or midfield Pyroshock or SRS Shock requirements that exceed the limits of an electrodynamic shaker, Experior Laboratories uses a custom Kinetic Impact Pyroshock Simulation system which allows highly customizable shock generation at levels in excess of 30,000 G.


Our Kinetic Impact Pyroshock Simulation (KIPS) test system is able to simulate near and mid field Pyroshock, experienced by the parts closest to a pyrotechnic event, by using high speed impact to excite a tunable resonant beam. By adjusting the impact force, location, and damping, this platform allows for highly customizable shock generation. Our pneumatic system allows for quick setup and resets, and means we don’t have to charge ‘per shock’ to get a custom shock profile right.

Adjustable resonance allows us to boost acceleration in only the desired frequency range. For shocks with a specified Te (event duration), adjustable muzzle velocity, impact mass, and custom damping materials allow us to customize shock duration while meeting acceleration requirements.

The KIPS system boasts short transients, narrow differences between positive and negative SRS traces, and a uniform shock input that allows for near-equal measurements at multiple fixture mounting points. We’ve designed a wide variety of custom shock platforms and fixtures using frequency analysis software to identify mode shapes and resonant frequencies, which lets us prevent cross-axis acceleration and ensure that units are not over-tested.

Features mechanical:
Static load
Micro vibration
Acceleration shock [g]: 30000
Keywords: Experior Laboratories, pyro shock testing, space