AOCS/ADCS Simulation Facility

High Precision Dynamic Bench Test Facility for Attitude Control

The concept of the Dynamic Bench Test Facility is based on the combined operation of two high precision three-axis motion simulators, sensor stimulators (e.g. sun simulator) and a simulation computer system. Arranging motion simulators and sensor stimulators into specific geometrical configuration enables hardware-in-the loop simulations, material stress tests and sensor characterization and calibration.

The Dynamic Bench Test Facility at the Zentrum für Telematik provides therefore a broad range of test services to different industries including automotive, engineering and aerospace.

Especially to the new space environment, this unique high-precision facility offers verification and calibration of the attitude control system of small satellites. In particular, this facility enables verification and calibration on system-level, the fully integrated small satellites are mounted directly on the high-precision motion simulators for full HiL-Tests and calibration. Furthermore, verification and calibration of interacting multi-satellite systems with focus on formation control, relative navigation, inter-satellite communication links and cooperative target observation can be performed.

- 0.36 arcsec (1.74 μrad) resolution
- autonomous sensor calibration on system level
- max. acceleration: 6000 deg/s²
- max. velocity: 150 deg/s
- min. velocity: 1.74 μrad/s
- sun simulator (0.15 solar constants)
- earth simulator

Keywords: aocs, adcs, attitude, orbit simulation, test bench, cube sats, small sats, solar simulator