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Material Testing Service

The Beyond Gravity Materials Test Lab is certified for Non Destructive inspection of different structures and materials and for destructive testing methods as well. Because of the extensive experience and expertise gained during many years of testing our in-house projects, combined with the specialised test facilities developed in this time, ensure a reliable partner is available for all test services.

Equipped with the multipurpose hardness measurement device SwissMax from Gnehm RUAG Space can determine the Vickers-,Brinell-, as well as the Rockwell Hardness of materials.

Supplementary to tensile testing the hardness gradient is also often determined since the hardness value is proportional to the tensile strength.

Two portable devices from Testor and Gnehm are available to measure the Shore Hardness of plastics and rubbers. Hardening of thermosets can be followed via measuring the hardness after different time periods.

With the Proceq Equotip 2 a portable device is available to measure the Leeb Hardness of samples with a minimum weight of 5 kg. This value can then be converted to HV, HB, or HR by using a conversion table.

The following hardness measurements are feasible:
- Vickers Hardness
- Brinell Hradness
- Rockwell Hardness
- Shore Hardness
- Leeb Hardness
- Hardness Gradient

Type: Service
Data acquisition: Operational data are recorded automatically; additional data acquisition can be provided
Project heritage: This facility is used for the test of space equipment as well as of other highly sensitive industrial products and prototypes.
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: material test, ruag, switzerland, beyond gravity, material testing, hardness