UK's largest civilian altitude chamber

ESE comprises a team of engineers and technicians backed by a well-equipped fabrication/machine shop to facilitate a wide range of research and development projects.

A unique range of research and test facilities are available. These include 3 x Hypobaric Chambers, one of which – the UK’s largest civilian altitude testing chamber – can operate to a maximum altitude of 140,000 feet / 45,000m (near Space). This impressive resource offers safe and efficient testing of equipment and manned altitude trials.

A mini altitude chamber (spec: 300mm deep x 230mm sq) can be explosively decompressed to 0.5mb.

Monitoring of pressures and temperatures is provided via real-time digital data acquisition equipment. Results can be presented live, over the internet or printed. Testing in all three chambers is recorded via digital camera systems with video files provided to the client. Test equipment within the chamber can be remotely operated. Various liquids, gases and other services can be supplied in to the chamber via penetration plates which also carry video, data-links and power.

Manned altitude testing takes place in the large hypobaric chamber, which is fully fitted with communications, life-support oxygen systems and video monitoring. For tests exceeding 10,000 feet, a paramedic will attend.

ESE provides an experienced support technician to set up and integrate chambers and equipment as per client requirements and have the capability to manage tests ranging from very short duration (minutes) through to 3-month long, 24/7 fully-automated tests.

Additional facilities include an office / meeting room with: internet, flip chart, whiteboard + markers, water, tea, coffee, telephone with speaker-phone function and use of an LCD projector and screen if required. Snack services available.

Specimen length [mm]: 20000.0
Specimen width/dia [mm]: 2000.0
Specimen height/thk [mm]: 2000.0
Data acquisition: National instruments
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