Design of custom test plans and procedures, considering spacecraft mission conditions
Custom design and manufacture of test GSE
Thermal analysis
Thermal Vacuum Cycling
Thermal Vacuum Bake Out

Thermal Vacuum tests are performed within ISO 6 Cleanroom.
Maximum external dimensions for parts to be placed into the chamber: 950mm x 870mm x 780mm
Vacuum value < 10-3 Pa
Temperature values:
Range: -120 ºC +150 ºC
Accuracy: 0.1 ºC
Regulated rate: 1 °C/min

Type: Service
Available standards (e.g. ASTM, MIL): ECSS-E-ST-10-03, ECSS-Q-ST-70-04C
Features thermal:
Solar simulator
Thermal plate
Temperature controlled shroud
Specimen length [mm]: 950.0
Specimen width/dia [mm]: 870.0
Specimen height/thk [mm]: 780.0
Mass max. [kg]: 15.0
Higher temperature [K]: 403.0
Lower temperature [K]: 188.0
Temperature change rate [±K/min]: 2.0
Feedthroughs: D-Sub 5501-50SA-02-F1, SMA coaxial , 8pins Power 15A
Vacuum limit [hPa] [mbar]: 10-7
Cleanroom classes (ISO 14644-1):
ISO Class ≤5
ISO Class 6
ISO Class 7
ISO Class 8
ISO Class 9
Keywords: TVC, Thermal Vacuum Cycling, Thermal Vacuum Bake Out, Serenum Space, Czech