Thermal Management System

We offer engineering services related to Thermal Management System: air conditioning system (HVAC and heat pump system), battery cooling and relevant design, simulation, testing, sourcing and validation process.
Evaluation and optimization of Thermal Comfort, energy management and system efficiency of EV, HEV, ICE.

SATTELO is very active in the development of innovation solutions with the aim of increasing system performance, efficiency and thermal comfort.
Some of the key innovative projects are:
- Acoustic Heating Panel: radiation effect and noise reduction in one product
- Heat Pump Module using environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Moreover, SATTELO offers a modular test bench specifically developed to test Thermal Management Systems.
The design includes:
- Fully Customizable Cabin simulator to test HVAC and passenger comfort with the use of thermal manikin.
- Battery simulator: to simulate the thermal load of a wide range of battery pack
- Active Cooling loop: to test battery chiller performance
- Passive Cooling Loop: to test radiator performance
- Refrigerant Loop: to test compressor, heat exchangers, expansion valves.
TMS bench allows to test innovative solutions, speed up development and validation phase, pre-calibrate the system control strategy, evaluate system efficiency, carry out component test and benchmark analysis.

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Keywords: Thermal Management Syste, HVAC, Air Conditioning, Battery Cooling, Simulation, Testing