Airbus Defence & Space GmbH Friedrichshafen

Airbus Defence & Space GmbH Friedrichshafen

Airbus Thermal Vacuum Laboratory in Friedrichshafen, GER performs a wide range of thermal vacuum tests primarily for space equipment.

With over 30 years of experience, the thermal vacuum laboratory provides the capability of performing a wide range of tests.
Our Service is including E2E support with technical expertise, planning and test execution.
Since our main customer is space we are used to perform tests according to ECSS and ISO standards.

All test parameters e.g. pressure, temperature and TQCM are logged by STAMP-Software. Our Chambers are equipped with either cryo or turbo molecular pump systems. On demand it is also possible to provide an ISO8 tent for tests with optical equipment as well as cold traps. As a further feature we equip our tests with an over temperature safety device and UPS for the data acquisition.

For tests requiring the adaption of coldplates, feedthrougs, GSE we have access to internal workshops and are looking forward to find solutions for your test demands.

Our service portfolio includes:

-Thermal vacuum tests
-Thermal Cycling tests
-Bakeouts with TQCM/CQCM Outgassing Measurement (ECSS)
-Leakage Tests
-FTIR Analysis (In-House)
-Engineering Support (on demand also thermal & structural analysis)
-STAMP Data Acquisition
-Test Report (electronically) with excel data

Name of organisation: Airbus DS Thermal Vacuum Laboratory - FN

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Airbus Defence & Space GmbH Friedrichshafen