JV Ghalam LLP was founded as a joint venture AIRBUS DS and JSC NC Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary within the framework of a partnership agreement between Kazakhstan and France in 2010.

The joint venture was created in order to create assembly and test complex spacecraft, the technological and industrial base for the production of components of spacecraft and their components, as well as for other types of industrial and commercial activities.

The main activity of the Association is the production of spacecraft, including, inter alia, the following sub-activities:

1) implementation of research, design and experimental work on the creation of samples of space technology;

2) design of space systems;

3) creation of assembly and test complex spacecraft;

4) design, manufacture, assembly and testing of spacecraft payload components and elements of space technology;

5) participate in the development and implementation of state programs in the sphere of space activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

6) development of special software in the field of space activities;

7) design testing, certification and research space technology;

8) participation in the implementation of the state order of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of space activity;

9) innovation and investment activities in the field of space activities;

10) training and skills development in the field of space activities;

Name of organisation: Ghalam

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