Looking for an E-Box manufacturer Advanced

Azimut Space is in search for a partner for an ESA project (follow-on).
We provide a novel surface treatment with very high emissivty, black "coating". In order to qualify the technology for space applications, we are looking for a suitable application, such as an Electronic Box (OBC, Data Handling, etc.) on which we could use our BLAST (Black Laser Surface Treatment) process.

- E-box outer walls/panels need to be flat aluminum surfaces with ideally 5mm thickness (±3mm)
- Each surface up to max. 400mm X 600mm

The project covers for the costs of the thermal-vacuum and structural (random, sine, quasi-static vibration) tests on a single QM/EQM/PFM/FM, as well as the surface treatment.

Keywords: Coating, Electronic Box, Qualification Test Campaign, Black, High Emissivity