Vacuum UV (VUV) Test Facility

The system consists of a high-vacuum chamber, multi-ported, equipped with deuterium and xenon sources for accelerated ageing of coatings under vacuum.

The specimen to be irradiated is mounted on a temperature-controlled platen, which, in turn is mounted on a XYZ J manipulator. Provision is made for the measurement of emissivity and absorptance without breaking vacuum and at the operating temperature.

The chamber is fitted with a magnetically levitated turbo molecular pump and scroll backing pump meaning the system is oil free.

Samples can be loaded into the chamber from within Class 8 clean tent.

Maximum operating temperature of sample: 600 degrees C. Specified by customer

Sample size: Four 25x25mm

Total number and time of emissivity and absorptance measurements specified by the customer

Samples are held under high vacuum

Test Data Provided

Temperature monitored and logged via three calibrated K-Type thermocouples for the duration of test

Emissivity measured to better than +/-0.01

Percentage change in absorptance

Mass spectrometer data

The chamber can be remotely operated and monitored and automatic, over-temperature shutdown systems are in place to protect samples. The control and pump systems are protected by a UPS which allows a controlled shutdown in the event of power failure and notifies TS-Space Systems staff via several mobile communications channels. Emergency chamber sealing and Argon fill systems can also be engaged.

Features radiation:
Heavy ion
Specimen width/dia max. [mm]: 50
Specimen height max. [mm]: 50
Data acquisition: Temperature, pressure, RGA, Reflectance
Cleanroom classes (ISO 14644-1):
ISO Class ≤5
ISO Class 6
ISO Class 7
ISO Class 8
ISO Class 9
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